Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up

Ever drive up to the grocery store after a long day at work and wish that you could just have someone bring your groceries to your car?  Who doesn’t?

No one really wants to go into the store, find all the items you wanted on your list, fight the crowd of people that also want to grab something before heading home and then wait in a line.

The amazing thing is now in select Wal-mart stores now don’t have too.  It’s an amazing process called “Wal-mart Grocery Pick-Up”.  It’s so simple it almost seems to good to be true.  Below is a step by step guild, along with three screen shots, of how to do it yourself.

I can’t recommend this service enough.  The ease and seemlessness of this service is amazing and can’t be beat.  If you live near a store that has #WalmartGrocery Pickup you MUST try it!!


  • Download the Wal-Mart Grocery App from the app store
  • Login or make an account
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Select the closest store that has grocery pickup
  • Select your items
  • Select a pickup time for the next day (or another day that week)
  • You will receive a call a half hour before your pick up time
  • Call them back when your one your way to pick up your order
  • Have your items delivered to your car