“Dear ______,” Series

There are a number of situations where I would really like to expand on the advice that I give people but am unable to due to time constraints am unable too.   As such I came up with an idea to do a blog series called “Dear _____”.  Each post will be in letter form addressed to issues that I have spoken with people about but can and do have a larger application to humanity as a whole.

These letters are of course my own interpretation of events and how events should be handled.  It is likely that you may have a different perspective or simply flat out disagree with my opinion.  If that is the case have no fear,  I don’t really care if you disagree.  In fact I see it as an opportunity to dig into why we see things so differently.

As I write each post I will continually update this post so as to have a central location for all the letters.  I hope you can find them both helpful and interesting.


Dear College Students