What To Do With Your 1st Gen iPad

So you have a 1st Gen iPad and don’t know what to do with it.  It stopped receiving OS updates years ago and many of the apps that come out aren’t supported any longer on it which makes it almost useless for any of the new apps.  This also renders it almost unsalable on auction sites.  One could use it as a frizz-be, a plate, or a door stop.  None of these ideas sound like a good idea even if its outdated tech. However all hope is not lost.  If you are still one of the many people that still have you 1st Gen iPad you can utilize it for a media remote / media player.

Personally I decided for the last option.  I decided to delete all but five apps from my iPad and turn it into a media player/remote.  With the added help of Chrome cast I am able to still use my outdated 1st Gen iPad.  Below are the five apps that are keeping my iPad from being a shiny frizz-be.

1. Netflix –  Though many of the newest versions of these apps won’t download, iTunes will still allow you to download the version of the app that is compatible with your OS.  This is the case with Netflix.  Whether you choose to mount your iPad on a wall or leave it mobile the Netflix app still allows you to use your iPad as a small mobile T.V.

2. YouTube – With the help of Chrome cast you can use the YouTube app as a playlist maker / YouTube remote.

3. Pandora – Like with the YouTube app you can utilize the Chrome cast integration within the Pandora app to make your iPad a media/music remote.  Control your music, volume and more from anywhere within your home.

4. Hulu Plus – You will need a Hulu Plus account in order to use the Hulu Plus app for the iPad.  However if you have an account you can use your iPad for watching the latest T.V. shows just like you can use the Netflix App to watch movies.

5. Chrome – The nice thing about the Chome web browser app is that it works like the desktop version of the browser.  That being said you can utilize the built in casting feature to cast web pages and other forms of media to your T.V.

This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means but these are the apps that I use the most and therefore fit my media needs.  What apps do you still use on your 1st Gen iPad?  Or do you just use it for a plate?