Chomecast Product Review

As I have mentioned in previous post I am a tech junkie.  If it connects to your phone and allows you to do your day to day functions more seamlessly then I’m all for it.  So when Chomecast was available for $25 on Black Friday I decided I’d buy it.  After using it for a few months now I have to say that Chomecast is nothing ground breaking, but it is useful and worth the regular $35 price tag assuming you stream a lot of digital media.

If you use applications like Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, Hulu, HBO Go and many more its worth buying it.  Before I purchased Chromecast I had my laptop basically attached to my T.V.  My laptop was always on the arm of the couch with an audio cord coming out one side and an HDMI cable coming out the other attached to the T.V. so I could play Netflix and Youtube videos.

Now my wife, daughter and myself can all control the Chromecast whenever we want by using all our separate devices.  If my daughter wants to watch something from the Nickelodeon app she can cast it.  If my wife wants to watch a new series she found on Netflix she can cast it.  If I found a hilarious Youtube video that I want to show my wife then all I have to do is cast it.

Chromecast doesn’t change the world, but it does make it easier to watch and share content that matters to you.


– Allows you to stream content that matters to you, when it matters to you

– Works with all devices and operating systems

– Is competitively priced


– Only supports some applications.  For example, if you can’t play your iTunes library thru it.