Pushbullet App Review

As a product of the internet age I, like many other my age, love technology.  I’m a geek in search for all things techie that I can play with.  That being said I remember not so long ago with Apple announced that their new update included the ability to text, swap messages and Air Drop different links between devices.  I was however not so happy to find out that my iPhone was compatible but my iMac was to old for the update.  This of course meant that I couldn’t participate in all the geekedout fun that was to be had (#firstworldproblem).

Fast forward to my next phone upgrade.  I wanted to upgrade to the iPhone 6 but didn’t want to spend the $200 that Apple wanted for their phone and found that I could pay .01 for the HTC One and get a phone that was just as big and hand more space on it (32 GB).  So I made the jump from iOS to Android.  I wasn’t sure at first about the move but have adapted well to Android and found that though there are certain issues that I miss from iOS (The camera to be the biggest one) Android does have a lot to offer.

All that being said when you switch from one operating system to another you also have to re-download apps as the apps that I had on iOS obviously were not compatible with my new Android phone.  This is what brings me to Pushbullet.  As I was searching through apps to download I came across an app called Pushbullet that claimed to be able to bring all your devices together as one.  If installed on your phone, tablet and computer you can text, push links, copy and paste text, push images between all your devices that Pushbullet is installed on.

I installed it on my computer and my phone to see what it was capable of.  I loved it.  There are many options to use between your devices and customization is very easy.  For example, I have the options for notifications turned on so that when a notification come through my phone it also appears on my computer.  This like all the other options on Pushbullet can be customized and you can choose which notifications you want to see.

The only limitations I saw where when I installed Pushbullet onto my wifes iPhone.  The iPhone app is more restricted and doesn’t seem to have as many options available as the Android app.  It still has the ability to push text and e-mails but the rest of the options don’t’ seem to be as strong.

Though I am not able to take full advantage of all that Pushbullet has to offer as my job has a closed network of computers, I think that if one worked in an office environment it would come in even more useful.  It would give you the ability to not worry so much about having your phone on all the time but still be able to have all the useful functionality that you would need (keeping up on text and notifications).

Ratting: 4 of 5