Jesus > Religion

A year or more ago a guy named Jefferson Bethke uploaded a video to Youtube. It was one of thousands uploaded that day. However his words caught the attention of millions.

He spoke about how the church was not what saved you, but rather Jesus. He simple proclaimed the Gospel and people listened.

Some people listened because they liked that it seemed like he was bashing the church. Others liked it because he said what they had wanted to say for so long. Lastly, other likes it because he was able to preach the Truth without being a pastor.

The success of his video has lead to him speaking in hundreds if different venues and being offered a book deal based on the video.

That book comes out October 7th of this year and leading up to the books release Jefferson and Nelson Publishing are doing an online video contest. The idea of the contest his to promote the book the book and spread it via the Internet. Below are the details and my video. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE!

On September, 17, 2013, Thomas Nelson (publisher) and I will choose and announce 2 winners:

*GRAND PRIZE winner: based on number of views. Prize: MacBook Pro (Valued at $1,499)

*RUNNER-UP: based on quality of idea, implementation, and potential impact. Prize: GoPro Camera (Valued at $299)

*Book Trailer Winner: Thomas Nelson (publisher) and I will choose between these two videos to be the official book trailer.