From Youth Pastor To Lead Pastor – An Interview With Pastor Heath Mullikin

This is the second post in a series I started a month ago about the transition from youth pastor to lead pastor.  Though I have not made the journey myself I was interested in what others that have learned along the way.  I first asked Pastor Mark Hurt about his adventure.  You can read about his journey here.

Today we are looking at the journey of Pastor Heath Mullikin.  Watch the videos below and prepare to learn.

1. Did You Think You Would Be A Youth Pastor Forever?

2. What Would You Wish You Knew Before You Made The Transition?

3. What Did You Learn In Youth Ministry That Has Helped You In Being A Lead Pastor?”

4. Is It Important To Network?

5. Has Being A Youth Pastor Helped You Train Your Current Youth Leaders?

6. What Was/Is Your Favorite Part Of Both Positions?