The Best Thing The Church Can Do For Oklahoma

The devastation in Moore, OK is vast. It will be years before people get back to normal. So the real question is what is the church to do? What long term effects can we have on an area so devastated?

My first response would be to pray.

Yes, I whole heartily agree that we should donate time, money and resources. However those are all temporary things. They all address outside needs.

Don’t misunderstand me. I think these are all needed. I believe that a church that does nothing is a church that doesn’t understand how the Gospel effects our lives. However I also believe that our deepest needs can only be meet by Him that made us.

So though I hope to be able do something for those that have lost everything, I know that in the end only the One who made all things can fix anything.

So as a church lets pray. Lets pray that God opens up ways for us to give. Lets pray that we have opportunity to be there for those that have lost everything. Let us pray that God heals those that feel lost.