Biblical Christian Music

I titled this post “Biblical Christian Music” because a lot of what would be called Christian music out there may or may not be Christ centered.  Though it sounds good and the lyrics are, what some radio stations would call, “family friendly” they don’t necessarily proclaim Christ in Biblical ways.  However there is a change coming in Christian music and part of this change is from a band called Citizens.  They recently released a full length album after releasing their EP around six months ago.  Below is a short video about the song writing process and what lead singer Zach Bolen hopes will be done with the album.

I would highly suggest you download the album today.  It’s packed full of deep theology that allows the listener to join in easily.  Take a listen here!  What you will also see is chord charts for four of the eleven songs.  They provide these, as Mars Hill Music often does, because they want other churches to be able to use these songs to also bless their congregations.

I will leave you with the video below to give you a feel of the album.  The song is called “Made Alive” and is one of the best songs on the entire album.