Dear Government Leaders

Dear Government Leaders,

This will be a short letter as I understand that you have little time to read because of all the problems you are trying to solve. As such let me jump right to the point.

You need to be more concerned about doing your job than getting re-elected. You need to be more concerned about representing the people that our in your country than representing yourself. You need to have a backbone and stand up for what you believe in regardless of how it will effect who votes for you. Do your job and stop campaigning. Do your job and stop blaming. So your job and actually change things.

The fact that many of you are acting like five year olds is the first thing that needs to be changed. In say this understand that I am not saying that you shouldn’t fight for what’s right. However there is a big difference between having a backbone and just being plain stubborn. Stop fighting over everything and start looking at the big picture. Look 20 years ahead and not just next month.

People want and need leaders. What we are seeing now however is not leadership. When we look toward Washington all we see is a room full of kindergarteners fighting over who gets to write in the blackboard.

To be honest I know little about politics. I know you get paid more than me, get more vacations than me and over all make laws and policy for me without ever being in my position. That being said we haven’t really started off great.

That being said I’ll continue to do my jobs if you promise to just start do yours. Stop fighting, start doing.