3 Things To Do When Policy Becomes Pointless

I have worked for both churches and business and have seen a common thread in both, that being policy. No matter where you work you will have policy in place to make sure things get done in an efficient and correct manner.  However what happens when policy is just being done so we can say a task is complete?  At that point the policy becomes pointless. You can fill out all the paper work you want, check all the boxes that need checked and enter all the data but if the system is broken then its all for nothing.

We, in the church, have to begin to ask ourselves why we do certain things. It’s great to have programs and policy but if they are not serving the purpose they were setup for why are we still doing them?  It’s a waste of time to do the same thing just so we can say we have done it.  The problem gets bigger while we do all the paper work.  The paper work is important, but if the system is broke something must change so that what needs to be accomplished can be.

So how do we fix the problem?  What can we do to course correct and get back on a path that both helps us to accomplish the mission of spreading the Gospel as well as doing so in a way that allows us to use God’s time wisely?  Below are three things that I believe will help.

1. Pray For Wisdom:

There is no doubt that during this process that you will have both wonderful ideas and horrible ones.  How you present and go about implementing these ideas will also lose you support or help people jump on and support the idea.  So it is more than important that you ask God for wisdom.  You will need wisdom for both the ideas as well as the reaction, whether positive or negative, that comes from them.  If you don’t pray for wisdom and decide to get your ideas passed no matter what it takes do not be surprised if you end up causing more problems than you solved.

2. Understand And Preach The Importance Of Change:

If you are eliminating old programs or polices and bring on new ones you must understand the importance of change.  Change for changes sake is just as pointless as the old polices or programs you are trying to get rid of.  If you are only doing something because another church is doing it you really should step back and reconsider the “why” in all of your work.  If you decided to change a program or policy that has been in place for a long amount of time you must both understand, in order to be able to explain it well, and preach, so that others can understand what you’re talking about, the importance of the change.  You must not assume that they see everything the same way you do and that they will jump on board just because you are enthusiastic about it.  If they do its likely you have more fans than followers and that’s a problem that will need to be dealt with as well.

3. Be Prepared To Shrink And Grow:

No matter what you change or how well you explain things you will always lose someone.  There will always be a small group of people that will not want to or see the need for the change.  Urge them to see the end game and not just the current problems.  If they choose not to stay try what you can to find them a place where they can fit in.  In the same way you will have new people jump on board.  This may even be a sign that God is with the change.  Don’t over spiritualize someone coming on board with the mission, but understand that God does work to move his kingdom forward and He uses people to do that.