3 Must Read Books

I never enjoyed reading as a kid. However after college I couldn’t get enough of it. Below are the three recent books that I have recently read that I highly recommend.

1. Creature Of The Word – Though the book is geared toward pastors it is applicable to all those connected and working within a church body. Within the book the authors cover every aspect of a Jesus centered church. I promise you it will change or alter the way you approach ministry

2. Community – Ever wonder why so many people leave churches feeling disconnected or hopeless? Within the pages or Community Brad House covers how to change the way you apply community within your church and your context. Throughout the book he stresses that it will not be easy, you will lose people during the change and that there is no cookie cutter way to make a community group. However in the end it will all be worth it has people are connect to Jesus and the church body.

3. Death By Love – If the word theology makes you have nightmares then Death By Love is a beautiful dream. In its pages Mark Driscoll unpacks deep theology in easy to read and understandable stories. it’s a great gift for new Christians but a must have for any Christian.