The Good News About Rap

In the last week I have seen two rap videos come out that have given me great encouragement and I have to share it with you.  Both Andy Mineo and Lecrae Moore, from Reach Records, put out new videos this week.  The thing you will get if you listen to either one of their albums, past or present, is that they are theologically solid and love to glorify Jesus.  Their deep theological convictions paired with their amazing talent is reaching a whole new generation with the Gospel.

The first video is from Andy Mineo.  If you haven’t heard of Andy check out his album here (p.s. ITS FREE!).  After you listen to it you will be sure to want his new album “Heroes For Sale” coming out this spring.  He recently released a video for one of the songs that will be on that album.  Want to rock out?  Take a look at it.

The second video is from Lecrae.  I may be the whitest kid you have saw come out of middle class America but I love Lecrae and what stands for.  He has always been about Jesus and proclaiming the Gospel clearly to those that are far from God and His church.  Today they released the video “Fakin'” from his newest album Gravity.  Check out the video at MTV here.