That Old Church

Today I passed an old Baptist church that I pass on my way to work.  It’s one of those old churches with wood siding that are in desperate need of painting.  What white paint is left on the church is coming off.  There are places where there are holes in the church.  Places where the wood siding has long since fallen off and birds most likely make their homes during the spring and summer.  In short the church is about to fall down.

Seeing this church each week makes me think.  I wonder if the members just died off and no one was left.  I wonder if the church was split over whether or not to paint the church white again.  I wonder when the last time the Gospel was preached there.  I know none of these questions will ever be answered but my mind can’t help but ask them.

I’m sure you pass churches like this one.  Churches that have long been abandoned.  When you pass them let yourself ask similar questions.  Do it so that you will be reminded that the church you attend could just as easily become that church.  Without the proper prayer, investment in leaders and preaching of the Gospel any church can become that old white church.

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