Victoria No Longer Has A Secret

In just a few hours the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show will start.

It may not seem like a big deal but it really is horrible. Women that are barely dressed is really just soft porn. Its eye candy dressed up as fashion. Its worship of the body put to Justin Bieber music. This isn’t about the clothes or lack there of. It’s about eye candy. The sad part about it all is that you already know that. That’s why you might even watch it. However there is always deeper realities at work.

For men this is about eye candy. If any man tells you differently he is lying or gay. I have never met a man that watches events like this for any other reason than to check out women in their underwear and not get yelled at. This is of course assuming that his wife has such low self esteem that she doesn’t say anything to him while he is acting like a child. Any man that watches the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show probably has a much deeper problem. There is likely porn or other secret lust issues involved. This man likely needs to repent and run to the cross.

For women this is about fashion and self esteem. Though not everything goes back to self esteem I think a great deal of these events come back to just that. When a women watches events like this we must recognize that there is a level to which they compare themselves. They look at these other women, some cases with their husbands, and think that they must also try to obtain that. Some will even go and buy Victoria Secret tomorrow in hopes of gaining the same amount of attention from her husband.

So here is the last word from me:

Men if you watch the Victoria Secrets Show you are pathetic and need to man up. Love you wives/girl friends and treat her like a queen not a second hand model.

Women you are worth more than you looks. If you man doesn’t see that he needs to repent and run to Jesus.

A word from Mark Driscoll:

Resource: XXXChurch