4 Things That Happened To Me In 2012

A lot happened this year, but that happens ever year.  So I narrowed it down to the top four.  In no particular order here they are:

1.  I Started A Blog:  The only reason that you are even reading this at all is because I started this blog early this year.  I started blogging because I had a lot of thoughts but no way to get them out.  I would have lost a journal and really wanted to start conversations with other people that had the same interest.  It has become a mash of personal opinions, rants and hot button issues.  All in all not a bad start.  If you have read just a few of them are all of them I want to say thanks and I hope it was worth it.

2.  I Resigned From Youth Ministry:  Its a complicated story that I’m not going to go into anytime soon.  I will say that I have learned a lot about myself.  I have learned a lot about where my hope was founded and were it should be found.  On the other side of it all I have a new resolve and attitude toward preaching and discipleship.  Though I don’t think I will ever go back to youth ministry I will say that it was a good and interesting time while it lasted.

3.  I Fell In Love With Hymns:  Don’t get me wrong I like contemporary worship music, if there is even such a thing anymore, but I really enjoy the new sounds that many churches are putting to old hymn lyrics.  Along with doing redone hymns many of these same churches and ministries are writing new songs that are much more Gospel centered than those written ten years ago.  My three personal favorites are Mars Hill MusicSojourn Music and Sovereign Grace Music.  Check them out!

4.  Started Reading Books Again:  As a teen I hated reading and only really began to enjoy it during college when I was forced to dig into some really great deep thinkers.  After I graduated I simply feel out of the habit.  However this last year I started up again out of want to read a few words that fellow pastors had put on on subjects that really drew my interest.  I read all the way through Darrin Patrick’s book Church Planter twice and would recommend it for any pastor.  I also am currently reading through Brad Houses’ book Community and would recommend it not just for pastors but any Christian that wants to experience a deeper community within their church.

There are many other things that happened this year, but I’m simply not going to share them with you.  This is 2012 after all and we often share to much online via blog, status update or tweet.  The  rest of the amazing things that happened that reminded me of how much I love life are going to stay with me.  If that bugs you let me give you a bit of advice for going into 2013……. you have boundary issues……. Maybe that should you one of your new years resolutions.

Happy 2012 see you on the other side of whatever God has planned.