The 4 Christmas Gift Reactions

Rarely do I write a blog that doesn’t address some type of ministry issue. However I thought that today I would go a bit off topic and write something a bit more fun.

Unless you have no friends or don’t celebrate Christmas you probably received some type of gift within the last few days. It could have been money, a new phone, a car (hot wheel or otherwise) or something else your heart desired. In some cases you might have even picked it out yourself.

However if by chance it was a surprise you likely had one of four reactions.

1. The Clown: the clown face is typically a very obvious fake smile. Anyone that is close to you knows the face. You also use it at dinner parties, awkward social situations and those short conversations with the people you don’t like anymore. However you might be lucky enough to pull it off with aunt Sue because you have used it, and perfected it, since the first gift she gave you when you were five.

2. The Scream: Unlike its name The Scream actually comes from the famous painting and is a believable surprised look. It should be noted however that one should only use The Scream if you have too. Using this reaction multiple times at the same event will get you caught.

3. The Thanks: Have you ever had someone tell you “thanks” in a very monotone way? Did it leave you wondering if they like the present or were being sarcastic? If so you’ve been Thanked. The Thanks is normally only used in situations you don’t want to be invited to but were anyway. This reaction will be sure to get you uninvited again. However before using The Thanks make sure you REALLY want to give up the free gifts. Not sure and want to think about it? Use reaction 1 or 2.

4. The Awesome: this reaction is the real deal. You can’t fake it and it only happens when you are genuinely surprised, thankful and full of awesome all at the same time (example).

So which reaction did you have this Christmas? Better yet don’t tell me. I wouldn’t want to blow your cover.