What Is “Preaching”?

What is preaching? Is it just telling good stories that make people feel good or is it more? Check out my new video!

Though the tone of the video seems negative towards just the person that preached this morning let me state that this is just one of a number of annoying preaching situations I have witnessed.  I can’t believe how many times I have heard sermons that start with scripture and go off into a fairy tale type story that has little to do with the verse that was read.

I do appreciate the effort but I wish that those that are in situations in which they preach would be more faithful to scripture and more careful with their theology.  Speak Jesus clearly and specifically!  The scripture say what they say for a reason and don’t need any filling in of the blanks.  If you are a good story teller, great!  Use the material God has already given.  Don’t feel the need to try to make it more interesting.

My prayer is that good preaching would be loved and the gospel would advance for the glory of the God.  I pray that he makes all those that He puts into places of leadership great preachers so that more people can be brought into the family of God.