Christians Are Like Mayans

If you haven’t called into work, went on a shopping spree or taken out a huge loan you don’t intend to pay back then you probably don’t think the world is going to end tomorrow.

I had heard jokes all day about the idea that a group of people, in this case the Mayans, said the world was going to end in the 21st. No one, at least that I know, is taking it seriously. Why should we? Isn’t this a ridiculous idea?

If your a follower of Christ I think you should hold off on the criticism a bit. We do believe that one day our Savior King, which was born of a virgin and that rose from the dead, will be coming back someday. He is going to come from the sky with trumpets blaring while rising a white horse (1 Thessalonians 4:13-17).

With that being the image that we are setting out there I think we should hold back a bit of the “crazy Mayan” talk because it, to those that don’t believe in Jesus also sounds like “crazy Christian” talk.  Let’s acknowledge the fact that our beliefs sound very strange to those that don’t love Jesus and use things like the Mayan colander as a way to explain how Jesus is the one true God among numerous false Gods.

Let us point to the fact that God is in control and we know that His will is good.  So whether the world ends tomorrow or on December 22nd it makes not difference.  The point of a Christians life is to declare the glory of God not worry about the world ending.