Get Down With The Sickness

In Matthew chapter 9 Jesus is confronted by the Pharisees and ask why he eats with tax collectors and sinners Jesus replies by saying that he came for the sick bit the healthy and them directs them to a passage in Hosea that they know but do not understand.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out what the difference between sick and healthy is. Sick people know they need a doctor. They don’t argue about it they just go because they want to get well again.

Right now I’m all too familiar with this flat on my back with the flu typing this on my iPhone. I am doing everything I can to get better as fast as I can.

This is very similar to when we are sick with sin. We know somethings not right it’s just that sometimes we can’t figure out why. But then someone tells us about Jesus, the fall and salvation and things begin to click. We begin to understand that we are sick with sin and Jesus is the only one I can heal us.

The best thing we can do in those moments is admit our sickness and not to try to act well. As humans we do this a lot don’t we. When someone comes up to us asking if we are sick we suck it up and say “I’m just I’m just little off” When in reality we feel horrible. When Jesus comes to you and offers you health don’t play it off like your a person with no healthcare and are afraid he will ask you to pay. He’s got the care and it’s free.

On the flipside of this coin are the Pharisees the religious people of the day. Jesus tells a verse from Hosea they know but don’t understand. It refers to the fact that they should have mercy on sinner not throw them out. In fact by ignoring the sinner and their needs they are actually showing themselves to also be sick and not healthy like they think.

Jesus offers life to those that understand their sick and in his mercy offers life to those that think they’re healthy. You’re on one side or the other. Which is it and are you running to Jesus or pretending everything is okay?