“Daddy Is Santa Real?”

It’s the question that every parent will eventually get asked. The question that brings joy to some parents and horror to others. It has to do with the reality of a big fat man in a red suit and a long white beard. Satan, I mean Santa (I always get those two mixed up)

My daughter with her big puppy dog eyes has yet to ask me, “Daddy is Santa real?”. However, I know the day will come. So I have been thinking long and hard about what to say in response.

I have heard the arguments about telling your kid that Santa isn’t real so they won’t stop believe in Jesus when they stop believing in Santa. I disagree.

Though I don’t like the idea of telling my daughter that Santa is real I also don’t mind her having to wrestle with the reality of Jesus. That’s something we also have to do.

So you may say that I’m letting my daughter believe in a make believe man. I would say that’s O.K., not great but O.K. I say this because, if God in His mercy and grace saves her, people will continue to say she believes in a make believe man.

The point is that she will grow up. She will start to ask more difficult questions that she already does. She will have her doubts. All of that is going to happen. However I doubt that a belief in Santa is going to make her an atheist later. In fact we may be able to use it later has a teachable experience.