Holiday Stress

Who else is stressed out by Thanksgiving and Christmas?  If so go ahead and just like this post.

I can’t think of a time when so many people are told to be thankful and kind to each other that we all do the opposite.  There is so much yelling that happens around these two holidays that its a surprise we survive every year.

I think that this is a good test of our love for Jesus though.  There are a number of verses that, if we are honest, we have a hard time living out during these stressful times.  One of the biggest sections of scripture that comes to mind is in sermon on the mount found in Matthew chapters 5 through 7.  This section of scripture is so packed with with things that we need to remember during these holidays that is mind blowing.  Here Jesus talks about giving to the needy, not worrying, praying and greed just to name a few.

So during this holiday season we need to remember a few things if we say we love and follow Jesus.  You might even want to put a note to remind you about these.

1) This is not about you or how much you get.  Its always about Jesus and how much he gave.

2) As a Christian you are called to love and to give because you are loved and were given much.

So when that person cuts you off in traffic or when that person in front of you in line is taking what seems to be eternity to check out and you have a thousand places to be.  Simply remember rule one and follow it up with rule two.

God may even use you to share the Gospel with that same person you wanted to run over just minutes before.  How amazing of a gift would that be!