Two Simple Words

Over the last few weeks I have had conversations and over heard conversations about two simple words.  These words are nothing special but do have the power to make someones day a little bit better.

The words “Thank You” can go along way.

This should be something we all remember on a day to day basis, but is extra important during these hectic holiday months.  People are stressed, money is tight and people are usually thinking about getting just that perfect gift.  Knowing all this, saying “Thank You” when a person does something that needed to be done will go along way.

So during this season of stress and greed remember one thing: Say Thank You.

If your married say thank you to your spouse when they do something that you haven’t thanked them for in a while. (taking out the trash, cooking dinner, etc)

If your a parent say thank you to your kids for doing the little things you used to give them money to do. (cleaning their room, doing their homework, etc)

If your a boss say thank you to your employees when they see a job that needs done and they do it without being asked.

There are a thousand ways you can make someone feel just a little bit better this season while everything else is making them want to punch a wall.  Two simple words can change a day.

Thank You