God Forgive Us…

Today my Facebook feed was filled up with updates.  While normally this would be annoying but today it was very insightful.  This Facebook friends name is Heath Mullikin.  Heath is a pastor of Oakway United Church in Oakway, South Carolina.

Today he has posted a number of post starting with “God forgive us..” and then followed by a number of very insightful and honest truths about the election tomorrow.  Below is a list of them all.  Hope you find them as insightful and helpful as I did.

1. God, forgive us for depending on government more than we depend on You.

2. God, forgive us for our greed as individuals and as a nation.

3. God, forgive us for the detestable practice of sacrificing millions of children at the altar of Molech in the name of “choice.”

4. God, forgive us for not trusting you as our Deliverer, but instead trusting in our own military strength.

5. God, forgive us for passing unsustainable debt down to our children and grandchildren.

6. God, forgive us for putting political party affiliation above loving You and our neighbor.

7. God, forgive us for a lack of discernment and relying on worldly “fact checkers” instead of your Spirit.

8. Lord, forgive me for engaging in important discussions while delirious with a fever

9. God, forgive us for our tolerance of sin.

10. God, forgive us for putting more focus on our political election than your supernatural redemption.

11. God, forgive us for putting country before Kingdom.

12. God, forgive us for not being prepared.


Hopefully this helps us put things a bit more into prospective for us all.