Hurricane Sandy

In case you live under a rock and only check my blog you probably already know about Hurricane Sandy.  Its a storm so big, so odd and so strong that it scares us.  There have been a number of evacuations from major cities and people are on stand by to come in after the storm and repair what damage, which is estimated to be in the billions, has been done.

As I sit back and hear story after story of what Hurricane Sandy is doing to the people on the East Coast I can’t help by pray that they are safety.  I can’t image how they feel or the situations they will have to return to after the storm is gone.  The pictures I have seen so far are heart breaking.  With that being said I think we can all agree that things like this leave us feeling a bit small.

When we sit back and realize that we can do nothing to stop the on coming storm we are reminded of how small we really are.   We hear of it shutting down the stock market, mass transit and thousands of jobs and we realize just how powerless we really are.

This feeling isn’t all bad, in fact its something that brings us to the cross.  When we are taken out of our everyday routine we are able to see things that we normally don’t realize.  We start to see that we have far to much faith in ourselves and our abilities.  We begin to see that as smart as we are and as technologically advanced we have become we are still unable to control the things around us.  This doesn’t make any of this easier, but it does force us to think about these things.

Let us pray for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy and do our best to assist them in the rebuilding and recovery, but let us allow the storm to also remind us how small we are and how great God is!  That He is in control.  That he knows and shares our in our pain and that through it all He will be there with those that have lost everything.

Resources: American Red Cross