Race For The White House

I feel like I need to state from the start of this blog that I really do think you should vote.  I think that if you don’t you’re being lazy and neglecting one of the biggest freedoms you have.  With that said however I do understand your desire to maybe sit this one out.

I say this because I have watched every debate and have come away with this feeling as if I just watched two five year olds throw down on the playground.  All I heard for a good portion of the last two debates goes something like this,

Obama: Mitt doesn’t have plan.

Romney: Do to!

Obama: Do not!


if its not that is something about the war without really addressing the war

Romney: Obama has spent all his lunch money and taken some of yours.  I won’t take your lunch money.

Obama: Romney will keep fighting all the other kids on the playground and take your money!

Romney: Will not!

Obama: Will to!


In the end I just wish that one of the two people that were going to get elected acted like an adult and not a five year old.  I want a leader that will lead, not pick fights.  I want a leader that will lead because he wants good for the people, not to look good.  I want a leader that will be responsible, not spend money like their a kid in a candy store.

As I type this I can image both Romney and Obama both saying in unison, “I’m that guy!” and then starting to argue with one another as I walk away shaking my head.

All that to say, regardless who wins God is still on the thrown.  1 Timothy 2:1-2