NFL Replacement Refs

I haven’t blogged in some time as you can probably tell.  In fact the time that I would be using to blog I have used to watch Flashpoint on Netflix.  However when I woke up this morning and started looking at my Facebook feed I noticed something horrible had happened last night.

The NFL god had disappointed all of his followers.

Now understand that I know nothing about football.  So the fact that there were even replacement refs means nothing to me.  But when a good chuck of people that I am “friends” with on Facebook start filling up my feed about this I take notice.  The rants were anything from “Stupid replacement refs”, “They will ruin everything” to long thought out post about the downfall of the NFL.

It all seems a bit silly to me.

There are people starving in the town I live in.  There is substance abuse and violence.  There are so many people that don’t know and understand the Gospel.  Knowing this we choose to rant about replacement refs that won’t matter in 10 years (except for the devoted followers of the god known as NFL).

I’m not bashing sports I’m simply staying that we should get a bit of perspective here.

What if one morning I woke and looked at my Facebook feed and it was full of post inviting people churches that will preach the Gospel and disciple well? Where are those post?

Think I’m too religious and should get off my soap box?  I think your too religious, but you seem to be worshiping the wrong God.

Of course if you don’t like all of this you can simple ignore me, go back to Facebook and then read all about how the NFL replacement refs are destroying the world.

Stupid refs…..

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