Dear Pastors Of America

Dear Pastors Of America,

This is an open letter to every Pastor that has a pulpit, music stand, stool or platform from which you preach.  Today is Sunday and that should mean something to you.  This is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of out Lord Jesus Christ.  This is the day that we speak of His defeat of death and sin.  This is the day that we proclaim as a group of people that we love and follow our Lord Jesus Christ.  Today is the day you preach all of those things.

No its not Easter.  There is no Holiday.  It is a day just like many other days, but don’t take that for granted.  Preach like your life depends on it.  Preach like Jesus is coming back any minute.  Preach as if you shared the same end as your brother in countries around the world that would jail him for preaching.  Preach as if those who hear you may die after walking outside of your church.

This is no small matter.  You have, I assume, been called by God for this task.  If you haven’t been called get out now before to much damage is done.  Get out before the people you lead follow you instead of Jesus.  Get out before those who hear you believe more in morality than they do in grace.  Get out before the people you preach to think that the Gospel is about them and not about God.  Get out before both the people and you think thats its about your way and not Gods way and be smart enough to see the difference before its to late.

This letter may sound a bit arrogant, I pray that its not.  It may come off as a little bitter, no doubt there is a bit of that here.  It may even seem as if I’m tell you how to do your job, I’m not.  It may see as if I’m tell you what to preach, I’m not the Bible does that.

I, and those I have spoken with over the years, seem to be very tired of your cute stories and light theology.  We have grown tired of poor preaching and desire something with real meat.  We are sick to our stomachs about those outside the church that don’t know Jesus, but you think are to messy do deal with.  We desire a church of many backgrounds and ethnicities that come together for the greater good of God’s Kingdom, not just our own club of people like us.  We want to see a church of people and be a church of people that are not just converts but disciples.

If you are a Pastor reading this my hope is that your heart is already here.  That you love Jesus.  That you preach Jesus.  That your live our a life that glorifies Jesus.  But if not I pray that God grabs your heart and changes it into one that does.

If you are a person that attends church.  I pray that you pray for your pastor more than you patronize him.  I pray that your desire for your pastor is not that he would be a good pastor but a great one for God’s glory.  I pray that your expectation for your pastors spiritual life matches the expectation for your spiritual life.  But if not I pray that God grabs your heart and changes it into one that does.