What does Mitt Romney, Syria, CNN, Hong Kong, Matthew McConaughey and Chick-Fil-A all have in common?  Usually not much, but these days they are all trending topics on Google news.

Now I don’t find myself in the middle of stupid debates on purpose a lot.  This is because I have found that many people will simply fight to fight.  They usually have very little involved in the situation but choose to get involved out of the fact that have boring lives and need something exciting to get their blood pumping.

I think this is really whats behind the recent Chick-fil-a uproar in the media.  By this I mean that there has always been heated debate around gay marriage.  All you have to do is speak with one of your friends about their views on the subject and it can, even in a friendly situation, get heated quickly.  So it is no surprise that when the CEO of Chick-fil-a Dan Cathy said that his company  did not supporte gay marriage and that “We don’t claim to be a Christian business…But as an organization we can operate on biblical principles.” that people would get upset.

In doing this Cathy, I think unintentionally, set himself as well as his company up to be a figurehead in a debate that is by nature volatile.  So now for those that support gay marriage Chick-fil-a is the peak of ignorance and discrimination and for those that are against gay marriage Chick-fil-a is the greatest company around.

Let me explain why I think, as I stated above, that this is stupid debate.  Its stupid because Dan simply stated something in such a way that you, whether you like him or not, would state something.  All he said was, “I believe in _________ because of ________”.  He could have just as easily of said, “I believe in unicorns because of all the research I have done.”   Then PETA would have been very upset that he believed in mythical creatures and CNN would have talked about it for days on end.

I don’t understand how people can get so upset over the fact that someone has a system of belief.  Its immature to attack someone simply because they don’t hold the same idea as you.  Its like your five again on the playground at school and little Billy says he likes the color blue, but because you don’t like blue you hit him.  It makes sense to a five year old, but should really not happen within the world of adults.

So for those people that are on either side of the Anti-Chick-fil-a or Pro-Chick-fil-a debate please stop for a moment and look at yourselves.  Do you realize you are using a fast food restaurant to as one of the key points in your debate?  Do you see how silly that is?  You are choosing to eat, or not eat, more or less at a restaurant simply because the owner said something.  Are you really that easily led around by peoples comments?  Can you not think for yourselves?

This is not about Chick-fil-a or its CEO Dan Cathy.  Its about someone having a world view and operating within it.  The only people mad about that are those that borrow other peoples world views and let others do their thinking for them.