Justifying Ones Sin

I found this picture today that made me think.  I didn’t make me question my beliefs, it just made me think about how so many times people will try to logically justify themselves.  When I say that understand I am also speaking of myself.  I am human just like you, and like you, when I sin my first reaction more often than not is to justify the “why” instead of repenting.

As you can see in the picture the issue, like many issues lately, is about homosexuality.  However my statements above are not directed only at one type of sin.  You can insert anything in to that area and read it.  Go ahead and try it.  Pick anything you want that you think the Bible calls a sin and insert it into the blank.

“I was born ________________.  You where taught religion”.

Any real attempt comes out with you having to justify yourself in some manner against what the Bible says.  You may be alright with that.  You may think that your far to intelligent to believe in any man made stories of a God that has never shown Himself to you.  However you still can’t get away from the fact that you have to justify yourself.

Why is that such a big deal?  Because you can’t really do it.  You have nothing to justify yourself with except yourself and I don’t know about you, but I make a pretty crummy god.  The fact that you feel the need to justify yourself is because, I believe, deep down you know your not right.  Think I’m crazy?  Thank what you may.  I’m just one guy telling you that at one point I was where you are trying to justify myself and finding that the only one that could justify me what Jesus.