Kingdom Minded People

Have you ever meet someone that is so kingdom minded is just refreshing to talk with them?  They care so much about reaching people that they don’t care about how “things were done” or “how we used to do it” anymore.

I talked with someone recently that really stood out because of how kingdom minded she was.  This women, probably in her early eighties, sat and talked with me about how she had started a contemporary service at her church. It was taking off kind of slow, but there were people coming and she was excited about that.

I asked her what made her think about stating a service like that.  She recounted her love for her church and how that within the last few years she has noticed less and less younger people (25-35) in her congregation.  Her fear is that if they don’t do something to draw this crowd in then eventually the church she loves will be nothing more than an empty building.

It stood out to me that his women cared about her church, not her preference.  Not that preference is bad, but I have heard many stories of people that held their preference of church service higher than their love for the lost.  This results in the church, many times, dying a slow death.  There are the old members that are dedicated and loving but don’t do anything to bring up a new generation of leaders.  Eventually the church isn’t left with anyone to lead.

This is the exact thing his kingdom minded women is afraid of.  She is attempting to turn that around, to start bringing a younger generation of believers and non believers into the church so that her church will still be around to spread the Gospel for another generation.

It was a great and refreshing conversation.  I came away having to ask myself if I had the same kind of vigor to bring people into the Lords house.  Did I hold my preferences higher than my love for the lost.