“Crazy Love” by Francis Chan

To say that Francis Chan is in love Jesus is an understatement. I come to this conclusion not because I know him or have ever even seen him in person, but based entirely on reading his book “Crazy Love”

In it Chan lays out chapter after chapter of what it looks like to be radically in love with God. He uses examples in his own life paired with example of others that many would consider “to in love with Jesus”. Admittedly as I read the book I was astonished with how people’s lives have been so dramatically changed by the Holy Spirit.

One of the chapters that really hit home was chapter 4 where Chan gives many examples of what Lukewarm Christians look like. I was convicts more than a few times as I read what appeared to be profiles of my own life.

That being said Chan of course is not the last word on spiritually. He would never claim that he is. However the reason that his points hit so hard is because they are truthful and backed by scripture every time. Chan never says “I think…so therefore I’m right”. He always points to scripture and then says, “God said…and therefore we should obey”

For those that get to the end of the book and still disagree or have a hard time finding their place in Gods plan Chan says that it’s more about listening and following God than anything else. Not everyone should be a missionary or sale their house and move, but there is something that God wants to do that will require you to change.

The question is are you willing to following Him or our are own comforts to much for use to leave behind?