Disney Vacation Flordia

My family and I recently went on a vacation to Disney in Florida.  When we got back I was asked by many people that were planning on going if I had any tips for them.  Below is a list of things that I could think of:

1) Eat a real meal before you go into the park. If possible (depending on your hotel/condo setup) buy food to eat. The park food is horrible and over priced. Also take a backpack with waters and small snacks.

2) Get a map of the parks you are going to and PLAN what rides you REALLY want to experience. You will never see everything in one day. My wife even planned out when and where we would see each character so that it fit in with the day.

3) Pack light when going to the park. Pretend it’s the zombie apocalypse and you need to get from point A to point B as effectually as possible. For example if your kids are old enough to walk the whole day avoid a stroller. If they can’t walk all day (my daughters five) bring a fold up light stroller.

4) Always have sun screen, sun glasses, hats, portable fans and an emergency umbrella. All of this will save you a world of pain at some point during your trip.

5) Have fun and make memories! Your doing this for a vacation remember that. Don’t get stressed out or worked up about little stuff. Take pictures and spend money!

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