Magic Mike Goes To Church

One subject the church doesn’t talk about enough is male and female sexuality.  I think the reason behind this is because the church seems to think that sex is a dirty thing that people shouldn’t talk about.  In some cases this is true.  However if a subject is never discussed in one forum, such as the church, and widely discussed else where, the world, people will go where the conversation is.  In many ways the church has not talked about sex for such a long time people don’t even listen when we do speak of it.

I think this is most commonly seen in film.  Movies have portrayed men and sexuality for along time.  In fact its hard to find a movie that doesn’t have some kind of sex scene, sexual language or some kind of slight reference to sex.  The movies are always talking about it and when we see the church portrayed its always in a anti-sex type of way.  Though I haven’t seen it the new film “Rock Of Ages” the trailer seems to point to a character that does just this.

So what is the result of the church being silent on the issue of male and female sexuality?  Grown adults acting like children.

Let me explain.  If you talk to grown adults, that attend church and claim to be Christians, about issues of sex they turn into little children.  They giggle and blush and sometimes make dirty jokes or they clam up and don’t say a word.  I have seen it done a hundred times and have done it myself.

On one hand you have Christian men.  They either don’t say a word or they make it over sexual.  I have rarely met a Christian man that can talk in a mature manner about sex.  I have either found men that are so sexually repressed they can’t even say the word sex or grown men that act like teenage boys checking out every women that passes and making “thats what she said jokes”.

On the other hand you have Christian women.  Like men they either blush at speaking about sexual issues with other women or go all out and talk about how hot men other than their husband are.  I have heard many a women use the line, “I can look as long as I don’t touch.”  What a great example you set for the younger generation.

This is where the movie “Magic Mike” and movies like it come into play.  Our culture has been so taken over by male sexuality that we are attempting to balance it out.  Movies like “The Hangover”, “American Pie” and “Porky’s” are just some examples.  We have had these types of movies for so long, and guys that are more than happy to see them, that women have decided that, “if he gets to do it then so do I”.

I believe that if the church doesn’t start addressing the issue of sexuality in a a mature and Biblical way that there will be more and more misunderstanding among those within the church about what sex and sexuality looks like.  If we do not begin to do this I believe that we will see more and more church members attending movies like “American Pie” or “Magic Mike” and seeing nothing wrong with it.

Extra Link For The Men.  What would you do if you went to a church service like this.