“Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit” by Francis Chan

As stated in a previous blog I really didn’t know much about Francis Chan before reading the book “Erasing Hell”  In fact one of the only reasons I even read it was because I wanted to see if I agreed with his doctrine.  I had heard a lot about his but that doesn’t mean anything.  These days if you hear a lot abou a particular speaker they are really either very solid in their doctrine and teaching or so far off the wall with both that they draw a crowd.

I have to say that after finishing “Forgotten God” I am a Francis Chan fan.  Throughout his writing he is careful to point out that he isn’t trying to push for an all out charismatic approach to the Holy Spirit.  The running in the pews shouting at the top of your lungs type of holy spiritisim isn’t what Chan’s after.  He wants to talk to the reader about their neglect, as well as the churches neglect, of the Holy Spirit.

He mentions time and time again that we have ignored the Holy Spirit.  He uses examples of our lives looking more like the world than anything shown in scripture.  Our love for things more than people cupeled with comfortable modern Christianity leaves us lacking joy and peace because we are really lacking the Holy Spirit.  Chan pushes the reader to understand that the Holy Spirit may push you to do amazing things for the Gospel that would normally be outside of your comfort zone.  These things, though at first seeming like sacrifices, will turn out to be the Holy Spirit pushing you to become more like Jesus.

It is only when we understand that its not about us and all about Him [God] can we even begin to hear the Holy Spirit guiding us.  He [Holy Spirit] is rarely for our comfort, rather He is always pushing us into situations that are unlike the culture around us for the Glory of God.  This push will enviably lead to much deeper peace and joy than we could have ever though of, but usually requires us to sacrifice much for the kingdom.

Chan is quick to point out throughout the book that it is time to quit neglecting the Holy Spirit and time to begin to allow Him to shape our lives.  It is time to stop making our own path and time to allow Him to guild and lead us.  Reading this made me come away with a questions that I think we all need to ask ourselves.

Is there something God as for you that you don’t like the idea of because it will require something that you are not wanting to give up?  If so, are you and I following the Spirits guidance or do we think we know whats best for our lives?