Church Clothes

I forget exactly how I came across Lecrae.  However I know that when I heard his raps/songs I was take by how true to scripture his lyrics were.  I had listened to other Christian rap groups growing up, but I had never heard such deep theology put into plan language.  It was honest and to the point and all backed up by scripture.  It was like hearing a great sermon put into song.

Since then I have tried to get Lecrae’s and other rappers like him (Trip Lee being another great example) into the hands of anyone that likes rap that I can.  The hope being that when they hear Lecrae they will come for the same sound that they get in a Lil Wayne song, but be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through the lyrics of Lecrae’s song.

May 10th Lecrae releases a mix tape.  The song “Church Clothes” being one of the songs on that new CD.  The video for “Church Clothes” is below.  Watch it!

The thing I admire about the song “Church Clothes” is that it speaks to the same stuff Lecrae has been rapping about all along.  It’s a truthful, sometimes to the point of pain, rap about the church.  It points out all the bad, while pushing Christians to pursue Jesus.

The song states that without Jesus we can’t expect anyone to even care about the church.  They will continue to sin because they see nothing different in the church.  They will continue to make excuses because they see the church doing the same thing.

I pray that as Lecrae continues to gain recognition and fame that God keeps him humble.  I don’t know a lot about rap (I’m a 28 year old from a small town in Indiana), but I do know that it needs Jesus just like everything else.