There are many things that I love about being a pastor.  One of those things is hearing peoples testimonies.  It never gets old hearing how God has brought people out of darkness and into the light.  These testimonies are another sign of how great God is.  Lets look at the two kinds of testimonies that are SO amazing!

The first is your classic “horrible sinner” testimony.  What I love about these testimonies is when they are told those that hear the story hearts are broken about how deep in sin this particular person was.  They see that sin is more than just “bad” but destroys and touches all of a persons life.  This reality then makes those that hear the testimony see that the grace of God is far more gracious than they had once thought.  These types of testimonies show us that sin is real and God is faithful to redeem!

The second type of testimony is what I would call the “religious sinner” testimony.  What I love about this type of testimony is that when told it shows those that are listening that all the good works in the world won’t save anyone.  Those listening hear the story about how, normally, this person grew up in a religious setting.  They went to church and attended services their entire life and did all the things they should have done.  However they learned that the truth of the Gospel is that Jesus died for their sins and His righteousness, not theirs, is the only thing that saves.

The wonderful thing about church is that it should have both the horrible sinners and the religious sinners.  The church has former witches and former pharisees.  The beauty of the church is that its a place that those with both kinds of testimonies can come together and worship our great and powerful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Whats your testimony?  Have you shared it yet?  I would love to hear it, feel free to e-mail it to me at MooreMinistry@gmail.com (All testimonies will be kept confidential unless otherwise noted in the e-mail)