Easter Sunday

Yesterday was great!  There is no better day than Easter Sunday!  The reminder that Jesus has risen from the dead and in doing so has defeated sin and death can not be described.  We got up early went to Sunrise Service, ate breakfast and went into morning worship.  Our church was up in attendance like many are on Easter Sunday.  It was amazing to see that many people in the church on Easter Sunday.  If I saw the count right we were around 236.  You can view the pictures and video from the service here.

There were a few times in the services that were amazing to witness.  The first was when a man stood up during the song Amazing Grace.  The worship leader and told everyone they could sit down and they went into the song.  Half way through the song it was apparent that this man couldn’t stay seated any longer.  He stood to his feet and put his hands in the air.  He wanted to worship his King and wasn’t going to do that sitting down.  The second amazing point in the service is when, from what I could tell, much of the congregation sung out “Amazing Grace”.

We then went and had dinner with Christina’s family and went back of my in-laws to rest.  It was a great time of hanging out with family and friends.

Later that night, as I often do when we don’t have evening service, I decided to go to Sojourn Community Church.  After getting lost I did finally get to the church 15 minutes late.  I missed much of the singing part of the service, but did catch the end of “In Christ Alone”.  The sermon was great and was followed by a baptism service.  To say that the baptism service was the best part of the service would be an understatement.

There were a total of 5 people baptized but the most memorable was the baptism of a women named Macy.  Before each person gets baptized they have their testimony read aloud so that the congregation knows their life before Christ and their life now.  Macy’s testimony was powerful and she was excited.  I have never seen anyone run up to get baptism, but she did.  It appeared as if couldn’t help herself.  She was baptized and was brought out of the water.  When she was helped out of the baptismal tub she danced all the way off stage.  She went down the stage and hugged a friend or family member.  They both looked like they just had won a million dollars.

Both of these stories are just a touch of what Easter Sunday, and every Sunday, is, the joy of new life in Jesus!  I hope that at some point in your day you were reminded about the joy of what it is to be a Christian.  That you are a child of the King!

If your not a Christian and you witnessed these things and didn’t understand why anyone would do these things.  You thought the guy standing was crazy and the girl dancing off the stage is insane I can understand that.  Before Jesus got ahold of me I thought they were all out of their minds too.  I pray that He gets you.  I pray that He will be so powerfully real that you can’t resist it anymore and run to Him.  I pray that your heart is broken and your run to Him.

Looking forward to seeing your stand when no one else is and dance off stage at your baptism!