Would You Go To Your Own Church?

Its a simple questions that we don’t ask ourselves as often as we should, “Would I go to my own church?”  Honestly, if you where a visitor at your own church would you come back for a second Sunday?  It’s a hard question to ask because your so used to the idea how your church works that you probably can’t even ask yourself.  You have rose colored glasses on and everything seems at least close to perfect.

This question was brought to mind when a friends posted an article from ChristianPost.com today.  The article basically says that you should know that those that are visiting are watching everything, not just the preacher.  They want to know how friendly you are, if you are really worshiping and if they get invited back.

These whole thing might now sound like a big deal but I assure you it is.  Back in December of this last year I went and visited three churches that didn’t know I was coming and didn’t know I was a pastor to see three things.  First, I wanted to see if the preaching was Gospel centered.  Secondly, I wanted to see if the people where friendly.  Lastly, I wanted to see how and why they did things.  Did they have bible studies, small groups and activities for families.

What I found was pretty disheartening.  None of the three churches really preach the Gospel in a way that I was compelled to come hear again.  They all mentioned Jesus but I don’t remember one sermon that He was the center and champion of the Bible.  Along with this two of the three churches weren’t friendly at all.  I actually walked into one church, about 250 in size, and back out without being spoken too once.  The one church that was friendly was made up mainly of people in their late sixties that did tell me that they where “glad to see me and hope that I would return”.

I took this information back to my church, and am also presenting it to you, so that you might take a step back and really look at your church.  This upcoming Sunday is typically the most attended Sunday of the year.  Your church will usually have at least a few new people that wouldn’t normally come.  Are they going to be greeted by friendly faces or are they going to walk in, sit down, hear a message and walk back out without being said hello to even once?

Did Jesus say go make disciples or go make holy huddles?  I can’t remember….