Presidents Speech On Easter

I was running late this morning so I was unable to catch all of what the Presedient had to say about Easter and why we celebrate it.  However I did catch at least half of it.  The theme was clearly that as Jesus is our example.  Jesus suffered hardships so will we.  As Jesus had doubt so we will have doubt.  As Jesus trusted in the Father so should we.  As Jesus overcame so will we and we should trust in Jesus as our deliver.

Now before I start into talking about the pros and cons of the speech let me state that I no very little about the Presedent.  I watch few speeches and know little about his policies (I know, I know I should educate myself).  So I don’t know what words he has said before about Jesus or other religions.

However based on what I just saw he seems to have a the theology I would expect him to have.  It leans heavily on Jesus being our example of how we should act and react to situations.  There was no clear definition of sin, but he did say that Jesus was resurrected.  That surprised me simply because that is what sets Christianity apart from most religions and by doing so he is making a statement about his belief system.

Now I want to make it clear I have no right to judge anyone.  I can simple take the facts of what I know the Gospel to be (that Jesus was born a virgin, lived a perfect life with no sin, died on the cross, rose three days later, appeared to the disciples and ascended into heaven) and use that as a Leninist test first on my life and then on the life of others.

I don’t know if the President is a Christian or not.  He could simply be doing what politicians do best, pandering to the people for votes.  Either way I still need to pray for him.  Its a hard job that I wouldn’t want to have.

If nothing else he was right about how Jesus died.  He was right about the fact that Jesus rose from the dead.  This is what Easter is all about.  Though we were once enemies of God, He still had a plan to make us friends.  Though we are sinners separated from Him we can now be brought close because of Jesus death in our place for our sins.  We can have hope because Jesus rose from the death in defeat of sin and death.  We should continually celebrate what God has done for us!


– Mentioned the bloody death of Jesus

– Mentioned Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead

– Used the Bible


– Leaned heavily on Jesus being our example

– Didn’t mention Jesus as our Savior*

– Didn’t do a great job of exegesis**

*I don’t remember hearing this, however if I am wrong I do apologize

**He is a public servant not a pastor so I may need to let this one go