As a youth pastor I see many cultural trends. Not necessarily because I want to but because they are in front of me ever week in the form of very impressionable students. The newest one I have seen is “YOLO” and if you are not a fan of Drake or Lil Wayne you may have no idea what that means.

YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. Its a term that has been around for awhile but has made it into a song by Drake called “Motto”. I would normally link to the video I reference but in this case its not worth your time or your energy. In short its your basic rap song about sleeping with women, never calling them back and then living like a 16 year old for the rest of your life repeating the cycle again and again. Its pathetic.

However for all the wrong that Drake and Lil Wayne promote they do have one thing right. You do only live once and that life should mean something. The place that they are wrong is that its not all about you or your pleasure. Its not about chasing money and women (or men), its about chasing God.

Now let me take a moment and really get you to dislike me. I have found that with my generation on down if you really want to hit a nerve talk about music and its effects. If this current student generation has an idol its music. So let me start by asking a few questions. What good does music like this have? Does it promote anything positive? Guys is this the man you really want to be? Girls is this the guy you want to marry? Girls is this the type of girl you really aspire to be? I would go as far as to say that its pretty close to impossible to listen to this type of music and still stay close to God. It goes against all that He has said and stands for. By listening to it you are not only promoting it but also allowing it to influence you.

Drank is right you will only live once. However will that life be marked with the pursuit of your own selfish pleasures or the pursuit of Jesus and His glory?