What Happens On Spring Break…

I recently heard a of a group of students that went on spring break and while there one of the students was drugged and raped.  Now I can only assume that there are predators out there that know that spring breaks come and go each year and plan far in advance on how to use as many people as they can for their own pleasure.

When I heard this story it ripped my soul.  How someone could be so heartless and cold to another human being.  How this student probably wasn’t the only student that this had happened to while on spring break and wasn’t going to be the last.  How a life had just been changed forever.

The statistics state that one in four women and one in six men are sexually assaulted.  This means that there are a number of people walking around that you know that have been sexually assaulted in some way.  Mars Hill Church in Seattle has written a book to those and for those that have been sexually assaulted.  To let the victims know that there is a life after assault.  That they are valued as human beings.  That Jesus did die for them and their shame.  If you know someone that needs to read this book or if you are just interested in knowing more on the subject get Rid Of My Disgrace for free on Amazon today (April 2-3) and tomorrow.