Porn & Prom

There is a phenomenon on the internet, especially twitter, right now. You can find it by searching for the hash tag #porn4prom. It’s an odd story but one that brings up a heated debate.

The short story is that a high schooler wanted a date for prom. He then decided to take to twitter asking every porn actress he could find to go with him to prom. It was an odd request, but in the digital age wasn’t impossible.  He got turned down many times but one porn actress said yes. If the story ended there it would be a weird example of how hormones and twitter can accomplish really odd things.

However it doesn’t end there.  This student’s school finds out that he is going to be bringing a porn actress to the prom and they tell him she can’t come.  For the school it boils down to encouraging bad behavior.  The boys mother disagrees stating that it’s not like they are going to make a sex video at the prom.

After the school turns him down the students gets a bunch of support from random people on twitter to make his own prom.  Money is an issue though. How is he going to pay for it?  From what I have read the teen has many adult companies that may be taking part in sponsoring his own prom.

This is all very odd and you may be asking why I am even writing about it.  The answer is simple, this could have been a great example of John 4:1-45 (The story of the woman at the well).  Now of course there are some great differences to the story, but there are also many similarities.

There was, and still is, a great opportunity to show these young adults the love of Jesus.  Right now the only people on their side are those that think that this young man is awesome for getting a porn star to go with him to prom and adult entertainment companies that want to help him through his own prom.  What if someone else would have come along and said that they wanted to help them.  That they would stand behind them and show them the love of Jesus.  What if a church or a youth group were to offer to pay for a limo to fly the porn star out for the prom.

Does that mean that I support or would encourage Christians to back this kind of behavior, of course not.  However when we are given an opportunity to show love when no one is showing love, shouldn’t we take it?  Shouldn’t we show the love of Jesus to those, like the women at the well, that only know false love.  It’s too bad that no one has done this and now the only place that the boy has to turn is the very industry that is only going to produce more false love.

As Christians we should, like our Christ, love those that don’t know love.  Show grace like you have been shown grace! Do we do this in our own lives?

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