5 Leadership Lessons

5 Leadership Lessons:
1. Choices Are Never As Easy: It’s never easy to pick who will lead what ministry. You have to assess who will do the best job with the amount of resources and time. This is never an easy choice because you will either have a couple of people that are perfect for the job and have to pick only one or you won’t have anyone qualified but still have to fill the position. One thing can always be counted on, your choice won’t be easy.

2. Saying Yes Is Also Saying No: There are going to be 1,000 things you are going to want to do but only time to do 500. You are going to have to say yes to some activities that you might not want to do and no to something’s you want to do. Choice carefully because you only have so much time and so much influence.

3. Somebody Will Always Be In Your Ear:  No matter who you are if you are in a postion of power and influences you will have someone in your ear trying to direct how you do things.  Its not that they are a “bad person” or even someone trying to wreak the ministry, but they always try to get their way.  Remember that is good to have people to bounce ideas off of, but its not good to have people telling you what to do and why.

4. Never Say Never: Its easy to say that you will “never do it that way”.  However its also just as easy to see that other ways work better with a few years of experience behind you.  If you are always saying “I’ll never do that” and then do it you will not only come off as arrogant but also unwilling to do things that need to be done for the betterment of the ministry.

5. Do What You Say: “If you make promises keep them” sounds like an easy phrase, but its harder said than done.  Don’t make lots of promises that you can’t fulfill.  People will stop following you when you say your going to do something, get everyone excited about it and then don’t follow through.  People will normally forgive once or twice, but if making promises you don’t keep becomes a habit they will just give up on you all together.

This of course is not a full list of leadership lessons.  In fact it is a short list of the things I have learned or been taught over the years.  Hopefully it is also useful to you.

Remember, you can’t control who you influence but you can control how you influence them.