October Baby

I haven’t heard a lot about the movie “October Baby” outside of Christian circles.  So I was surprised to read a review of it today in the paper.  I am always interested to hear about what the world thinks of films, music and art that the church produces.  Though the world isn’t a Christians line of approval, they are a good sense of whether or metods of spreading the Gospel are effective or not.  When I read the article I can’t say I was surprised by the reviewers take on the film.  He said it was filled with poor acting, poor storyline and bad cinematography all wrapped up around a hot button issue (abortion).

Now I know those that love any Christian movie that comes out just because its Christian.  For those people let me say this, I am glad they made the movie.  Just because you may be criticized is never a reason to not do something, in fact it probably means your doing what needs to be done. So I would give them a high five for making a movie about an issue that many people don’t want to touch.  However, I would have a few words of wisdom for them even though I haven’t seen the movie.

As someone that judges all movies by character development, plot, acting, cinematography and story telling let me say just a few words.  When telling a story you must understand that its more than just about the story.  In film especially one must entertain the viewer into caring about what they are watching.  If I don’t care about what I am watching I’m just going to turn it off, not matter how great the message.  Along those same lines don’t let your characters be a clique or to safe.  Those that don’t know Jesus may not admit that there is sin in the world, but they do know that people aren’t perfect.  So when they see a “perfect” character on screen they can’t and won’t identify with them.

I am not attacking October Baby.  I am simply saying that without good film making the secular community will never take faith films seriously.  The message not matter how good will never be heard because they quality, in some cases, is so low.