Wednesday Recap – March 21

This recap will be a bit different from others.  I would like to simple say three things I have learned from youth ministry in general.

1. Youth Ministry Always Needs Volunteers: No matter what church you attend there is always a need for more volunteers.  Youth ministries and children’s ministry especially.  Many times the students that attend these ministries don’t have many, if any, adults that are good influences on their lives.  If you don’t volunteer please ask how you can get involved.  They need you!

2. Youth Ministry Always Needs Good Teaching: There is an idea within youth ministry that the students won’t understand deep Biblical teaching.  Therefore many student ministries simple touch the surface things.  They speak of not drinking, of dating the right person, etc.  However they rarely speak of sin, God’s wrath, the cross, the resurrection and Jesus.  A good youth ministry will always speak of sin, Jesus and the resurrection.

3. Youth Ministry Always Needs Support: If you can’t volunteer for a youth ministry, for whatever reason, you can always support.  Those that do volunteer need thanks.  They need to know that what they are doing matters.  Many times volunteers get no thanks and feel as if they are alone.  If you can’t volunteer make sure help support the ministry with your words, time or money.