Tebow And The Jets

Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets. That’s what I read just a few minutes ago on Twitter, Facebook and news outlets. The apparent reason being that when Manning became available Tim’s days where numbered.

I don’t know a lot about football. In fact, as I have stated in other posts, I don’t get into sports at all. So why even write about Tim Tebow? To be honest, blog views. There are other reasons though.

One of the bigger reasons, for the purposes of this blog, is to explore Tim Tebows spiritual side. He has been outspoken view on Jesus and how that affects his life. He has a foundation , has written a book and a website to connect better with his fans. This all, from what I have read, comes from his desire to share the Gospel with all that he meets.

Is the move to the Jets a good idea for his career? Some say yes, others no. The short of it seems to be this: Tim’s (we are on a first name bases) is a great player, he loves Jesus and it looks like he will keep doing both for a long time.