IU vs. UK

Before you even start to read this you need to know one thing. I am an outsider to all things sports. I have never cared about any sport nor have I ever gone to a single game, supported a single team or stood in any line for any sporting event. So when people talk about their love for the game I simple do not understand it.

I have a feeling that its much like the feeling non-Christians get when they see Christians talking about Jesus all the time. It sounds odd, looks odd and simple doesn’t make sense. In short, I think sports fans are nuts just like non-Christians think I’m nuts for following Jesus.

Now there is an interesting intersection that needs to be looked at when these two worlds cross. When I see a non-Christian go on and on about their favorite team I can understand it to a point. They have all the jerseys, have gone to all the games and will defend their team to the death. In short they worship it.

However when I see and hear Christians talking more about their favorite sports teams more than they do about their Jesus it seems wrong. Now as I stated above I don’t love sports like some of my friends do, but I do love technology. I like to hear about the latest and greatest gadgets that come out. The next iWhatever that is going to “change everything again”. I have even been caught up in the hype of worthless things too.

All of that to say don’t think I am putting you down for you love of the game. I am simple worried where your worship is going. Truth be told if many of us put as much love, word of mouth and promotion that we do for our sports teams into telling others about Jesus then would not more people know of him? We feel as if we are shoving religion in peoples faces when we talk about Jesus, but don’t care what they think when we talk about our favorite team. I have seen people defend their favorite team with more passion than I have every seen them defend the Gospel.

If you love sports its going to be very easy to right me off. I don’t love sports, what do I know about any of it. But let me pled with you one last time. If you love Jesus and love a sports team good for you, just check your priorities. Look at how many times in a day you talk about your team verses the time you even think about your Savior.

If you don’t love Jesus then this blog is just the ramblings of a pastor that you may thinks wants something from you. Truth be told I want nothing but the time it took you to read this blog. I pray that God grabs ahold of you and crushes your idols, whatever they may be, and shows you your need for Jesus.

With that said I’m going to go over to apple.com and check the specs on the new iPad 🙂