What It Means To Preach

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post about the tagline of this site (Live, Love, Preach, Die, Be Forgotten). I thought I would write another post to continue the series.

Preaching many times is looked down upon in general and even sometimes in church. There could be many reasons why this is true. In my experience it is simply because the person preaching is simple bad or unprepared.

There is something to be said about great preaching. The kind of preaching that opens up the scriptures and brings forth truth that changes lives. The kind of preaching that draws you in and makes you forget how long the sermon is. It’s the kind of preaching that leaves you feeling broken but full of hope at the same time.

It’s a rare thing. There are only a few places I have ever been to that posses this kind of preaching. It’s not to say that churches don’t have good preachers that are strong on other areas. It’s just to say that only a few churches have excellent preachers.

All of that to say my prayer is that I would come as close to a excellent preachers as possible. That God would use me to speak His truth to a broken world and by His grace some may come to know Him.