ABC’s Good Christian Belles

I saw a few post today on Facebook regarding ABC’s new show “Good Christian Belles”.  Neither post said they either supported or hated the show.  I read the post which linked to a blog about the show and what the author thought Christians should do.  I read though the short blog and found myself on the other side of the fence.

The blog stated that Christian should write letter to their local newspapers about how the show as horrible and should be taken off.  On top of that he stated that they should complain that the show is based of a book title “Good Christian B*tches”.  All in all the idea was that the show as bad and it should be taken off the air.  I found this interesting that there was this much effort put into a show that most likely won’t even be around next season. A show that really doesn’t have much to do with the church.  I disagree with the bloggers comments for a few reasons.

First, being mad about something and complaining rarely if ever solves the problem.  Its like my 4 year old daughter screaming that she doesn’t want to brush her teeth.  Its going to happen not matter how much screaming occurs.  The same thing will happen with this show.  You can scream and scream but its not going to change anything.  Its a T.V. show and if nothing else all you are doing is drawing more attention to it.  Its called free publicity and they love it.

Secondly, comedy is a great truth teller.  The reason comedy is so funny is because it hits at the heart of the truth even when it takes it to an extreme.  I’ve heard it said that comedians are the only people left that tell the truth as it is, honestly and bluntly.  The show is a refection of that.  Throughout the show the characters recite different Bible passages in order to suit their current situation and to justify their means.  They have classic stereotypical characters that can be found in any church in American, but apparently more prevent in Texas.  The show has a bit of truth in how the church works, accept it and if you don’t like it move to change it.

Lastly, I find it odd that Christians get so bent out of shape over people making fun of us.  Why is that a surprise?  Didn’t Jesus say that would be exactly like that (John 15:18)?  Like I stated above if your mad about it then look at scripture, be convicted and ask God to give you a heart like His.  To become more like Him (which by the way is nothing like the Christians in the show).

You don’t like how the world sees the church? Good, be a change agent.

Love God. Love People.